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 The ten rules you SHOULD follow.

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The ten rules you SHOULD follow. Empty
PostSubject: The ten rules you SHOULD follow.   The ten rules you SHOULD follow. I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 10, 2010 5:35 pm

Here are the rules and they all MUST be followed.
1. Of course do not be rude or mean.
2. No personal info like
a. Home adress
b. Town/city ( state is okay)
c. Email adress.
d. Face book or myspace name.
e. Last name(Frist name is ok)
You can say your age if you wanna but if you dont thats fine, if a person ask just say
" I don't want to say. or my parents won't let me" you can also say your grade...
3. If I see ANYthing that will start "Drama" I will delete it and send a message to you. I WILL NOT ALLOW DRAMA ON THIS SITE! If you start up drama three times you WILL be banned.
4. No sexual or porn or anything like that.
5. No bad names.
6. No bad Comments.
7. For the music/tv/ movies. If you do not like
ex. Let say you don't like Justin Bieber. If you don't just say you don't like. No RUDE comments about it.
8. Be nice to me and the REST of the Admin and mods!
9. If a person isn't following the Rules just TELL ME or the admins/mods. We will take care of it. No NEEED to get involed
10 also no spaming, if I see spam i will delete it.
Follow these rules and you'll be fine. If you get warn three times for breaking them you will be banned temperaly. If you get banned more then two times then you will be banned for life. And we DO allow Second chances.
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The ten rules you SHOULD follow.
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